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The Views

New Single - Mugshot

The Views are a four-piece band from Gibraltar. Their influences range from the likes of Black Stone Cherry, to Papa Roach and beyond. In 2019, they supported international artists such as Liam Gallagher, Take That, Tom Walker and Enrique Inglesias at Gibraltar Calling. They are currently working on their debut EP.
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Instagram: @theviewsgib

J. Chantel

I Think I'm In Love - USA

J.Chantel soulful and unique voice grasped the attention of her audience. Music reviewer Jay.M from UN Radio said "She reminded me of a young Aretha or even Lauren Hill to a lesser extent, would definetley buy the album. J.Chantel is a novelty on the scene rapping poetically, singing soulfully and complimenting her voice with the edgy sound of the trumpet. Illustrating her life experiences through song and video, J.Chantel is sure to make an impact on the lives of many. Seeing her live is definitely an exhilarating experience

Alesandro Porcella

PA74 Music - Italy

Composer, Arranger, Publisher, Artistic Producer and Keyboards Player Live
Owner of PA74 Music Publisher
Art Director of Videofestival Live Festival
Collaborations as composer and Music publisher with:
RAI, Mediaset, LA7, Sky Television, 20th Century Fox, RCO Europe,Koch Media,
Eternal Magic, One Movie Srl, the Venice Biennale, Triennale di Milano, AC Milan, Disney Channel, Xnote, Universal Music, Warner Chappell, Soundiva, Italian Way Music, RaiTrade, Infinity Omnimedia, MLFM (Movement fight world hunger), Sorrisi & Canzoni TV, Donna Moderna, Primerose Uk, Clipper's Spain, Empire International Merchandises , Harbor Corporation, BBC, CBS, Music Links Los Angeles, HTB Japan,Score & Score,Media81,Cue Songs, Maco Major Korea,Soundnet Uk,Black Hole Records,Echo Music JP,EPM Music, Rossio Music,Gulliver Music,Edition Bjorlund,WPL Music and many more.


Your Time - France

ORUS is an emerging artist, producer and DJ hailing from Montpellier, France who uses samples and sound deconstruction to create unique dance tracks.
The electronic artist got their start in music after getting into bedroom producing during a trip to the USA in 2016. He has since trained professionally at DJ and music schools, released a string of well-received remixes and even put out his first single 'Your Time' at the back end of 2019.
Often blending together genres like Latin and House music, ORUS's work is inspired by his travels, as well as other electronic artists like Feder or Kungs.
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Getaway , Another Dimension - Netherlands


Black Hole & Wind

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The Rough Puppies


Forged from the last 3 original members of a band that was working with Grammy nominated Soundgarden and Nirvana engineer Drew Canulette of Dogfish Sound during the rise of the Grunge era in the Pacific Northwest, the Rough Puppies have come back together with a new band based out of Nashville, Tennessee to record new material for film sync and commercial Mainstream Rock radio!
With help and encouragement from our old friend Drew, and now from our new friends Cliff Goldmacher, Dan Korneff, Ted Jensen, and others, the Rough Puppies are helping to define 21st century Mainstream Rock with their own distinctive style of PopMetal!

Wild Tribe

Eyes Of An Angel

Wild Tribe is a glam metal, AOR, retrowave band, originally from Ukraine. Their appearance, music and general orientation indicate that the group arrived straight from the 80s.
The California coast is harmoniously combined with Central Asia, classic heavy reefs are synthesized with a pleasant, electronic sound of keys. Powerful, clean vocals, in the best traditions of the genre, make each song a whole story about love and hate, joy and sadness, the eternal problems of human society.
Live performances of the Wild Tribe do not leave indifferent even the most skeptical audience. Each track is performed alive, literally lived by each of the participants in the group. The energy released during the concerts can electrify several neighboring villages.

Frank Schlimbach

Enter subtitle here

Prolific German trailer and underscore for film and TV


Sail Away

Danish producer Morkholm mixes uplifting melodies and danceable beats with progressive and tropical house. His 1st single "Flair" was released in the summer 2018 and instantly became a hit in the local scene. With "Sail away" Morkholm continues to explore the electronic dance genre while further developing his sound.

Liam Golder / Sound Souls

Award Winning Songwriter and Producer - UK / Finland

Veteran songwriter

Diego Capoccitti

Award Winning Composer

Italian powerhouse

Tony Clark

American Composer


Frank Parker


Country / folk music songwriter

Dan Scholes

Enter subtitle here

Dan Scholes a professional songwriter and producer who's love of music emerged in the late eighties, singing his own pop hits to the drum beat of a Casio electric keyboard. Having self-taught himself piano at just 14 years-old and played in bands (one of which was where he met his current writing partner, Paul Coxhead) Dan was a prime candidate to study at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts). In between making life-long friends and meeting Sir Paul McCartney (several times), Dan's musical direction matured with him:

"The thing that I was getting more and more interested in, was writing with and for other artists as well as for sync. It took me a good few years to try and work out how I was going to do that but then a couple of years ago I started writing with some people in Canada and the US through an online songwriting community."