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Case Study

SHE Conference Promo Music

Two months ago we were approached by the media department head at New Life to compose a unique promo music for their SHE Conference campaign. New Life is a religious organization in Alamo California.

The Problem

SHE conference is a women's conference and this would be its 4th year. Their team had just shot the footage for the promo and realized that what they shot would go very well with music that is similar to a currently popular song. We know what you're thinking but this organization is very hip and always ahead of the curve. Unfortunately their budget did now allow them to make such an investment.

Additionally we did not have anything in our catalog that worked.

The solutions

 We were tasked create a track that would embody the vibe of the song they wanted but wanted it to be different and have its own character.

We proposed that we use similar instruments, tempo and era. We would also change the key and add more "bounce".  To project the core traits of the organization we needed to make a track that sounded like it was created tomorrow.

The Process

So we went to work tweaking sounds to feel more worldly but still having an urban and current pop music elements. Regularly staying in contact and communicating with their team.

We came back and presented 5 different yet similar tracks.

Together, we narrowed the list to 1. Once the track was selected, we fine tuned and made sonic adjustments and returned with 4 masters.

A 30 Second version for IG

A 115 Seconds for the full Promo

A one minute full version

Problem Solved - The project is currently in post with promo beginning at the end of November! Stay tuned!

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